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Re-birth of Murano

THE 1920S AND 30S

Italian glassworks collaborated with artists who had trained as painters, sculptors, and architects. The skilled Murano glassmakers were able to interpret their imaginative designs. In the 1920s and 30s , the Venini glassworks was at the forefront of the renaissance of Murano glass with the aid of such leading designers as Carlo Scarpa (1906-78), who introduced many of the innovative decorative techniques that brought the Italian glass international acclaim.


FROM THE 1940S TO 1960S

MURANO GLASS GIFTSItalian design came into its own in the postwar years with a range of colorful designs in both glass and plastic, materials that share the same malleable qualities. Once again, fine artists were comissioned for designs in the organic "new look" shapes, transferring their skill from canvas to glass, combining bright vibrant color and abstract decoration with a confidence and flair that characterized the Italian style. Where the major glassworks such as Barovier and Salvieti led, smaller workshops swiftly followed, freely "borrowing" new techniques and designs and adapting them for a range of decorative glass such as ashtrays, glass animals and figures, and ornaments for the tourist trade.

by Marina Chernyak


Murano Glass Gifts

Murano Glass Mirror

Quick view Murano Glass Mirror $3 727.00
Height: 80 cm" Length: 60 cm"
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